Aire Acondicionado Industriales DVM MINI

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High Energy Efficiency
BLDC inverter compressor offers very high cooling and
heating COP
Compact Design
DVM Mini offers easy installation with its slim and
compact design saving installation space.
Volume [㎥] 0.375 0.375 0.375
Foot print [㎡] 0.31 0.31 0.31
Height [mm] 1,210 1,210 1,210
Weight [kg] 100 100 103
Easy Maintenance
DVM mini makes it possible to control compressor, PCB, EEV on front panel allowing simple and effortless
It is possible to react promptly to errors because they are displayed on LED of the outdoor units by error codes.



High Reliability
DVM mini is highly reliable with adopted Samsung BLDC compressor.
Enhanced efficiency (10%)
Reduced vibration about 80%
Bigger size propeller fan (Φ520)
Maximum operating range is upto 48℃.


Various Indoor Units
DVM mini can be combined up to 9 stylish indoor units blending with any interior design.


Easy installation
Maximum piping length is extended upto 150m.
It is possible to install the pipe at 4way direction.


Wide Compatibility
DVM mini can be controlled by a control solution which is the same with that of DVM PLUS III and FJM

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