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Simultaneous Cooling and Heating
Single outdoor units can operate all the indoor units in both cooling and heating mode. They can also simultaneously
operate in cooling and heating mode when it is necessary to provide more freedom for operation.
The DVM PLUS IV HR uses an MCU kit that is 33%
smaller than our competitor’s MCU. Our MCU has an
internal On/Off valve that enables fine control through
the EEV valve control, and our improved sub-cooler
also supports fine-tuned control. Enjoy a pleasant
temperature controlled environment through
improved performance and reduced noise.

High COP and the largest capacity
The DVM PLUS IV has achieved the highest level
for COP (4.57) and EER (3.98) in the 10 HP category,
as well as in the 14 HP category (4.57 in COP
and 3.88 in EER), which surpasses our competitors’
performance by 15% in COP and 20% in EER.
Improved Heating performance
The DVM PLUS IV applies highly advanced technologies
such as a super condenser, PHE intercooler,
and Vapor Injection to achieve better heating performance,
even at low ambient temperatures of (-)10OC.
Smallest Footprint Area and Lighter Weight
The unit's footprint area has been reduced by 41%, and
the product's weight is 38% lighter compared
to conventional models.
Digital Unit Module
Digital Unit Module combination enables the system to alternate compressor operation to prolong each compressor’s life cycle and improves COP with part loads

● Control the compressor capacity precisely.
● Ensure long life cycle by alternating operation of the DVI compressors.
● Improve COP using multiple heat exchangers of outdoor units at part loads.
● System still able to conduct modulation of capacity with other DVI compressor under emergency operation caused by failure of a compressor.

Economical Installation Cost
Our single units, which provide the world’s largest module
capacity, are ideal for larger buildings.
Installing larger capacity modules will also save on
installation costs since less equipment is required when
you use units that offer greater capacities.
Longest Piping Length and Highest Elevation

DVM PLUS IV has an equivalent piping length of 220m, with the maximum piping length of 90m from the first branch joint to the last indoor unit, thereby providing convenience and flexibility for installation for commercial buildings. You can get comfortable heating and cooling even with long piping.

● The longest piping length : 200m (equivalent length 220m)
● Total piping length: 1000 m
● From the first branch joint to the last (farthest) indoor unit : 90 m (with one piping Size Up)

High External Static Pressure
To properly deal with unexpected various installation
conditions, the DVM PLUS IV is designed to
manage high external static pressures up to 8mmAq.
Easier Access for Status Check and
Option Settings

Checking the outdoor unit status and setting option is easier and
simpler since you don’t need to remove the entire front cover,
thanks to the small openings on the front side of the outdoor unit.
Multi-step Self Diagnosis Function
Precise Refrigerant Amount Detection
Deviations from the normal value of the refrigerant
amount may cause damage or poor performance.
Company A’s outdoor unit cannot detect excess
refrigerant, but the DVM PLUS IV can detect if the
amount of refrigerant is excessive or insufficient.
Optimized Refrigerant Distribution Control
When long piping is installed between the outdoor
units and indoor units, the individual indoor units will
use auto performance correction control technology
and automatic refrigerant amount adjustment technology
to secure even performance between the units.
Automatic Data Backup (Black box)
If a malfunction occurs with the DVM PLUS IV outdoor
unit, it will automatically diagnose the problem and
save the last 30 minutes of operation data.
An optional accessory can be used to store operational
data for over one year; this can be helpful in getting you
quick and accurate repair service when you need it.
Refrigerant Pump-down and Pump-out
The DVM PLUS IV provides the following functions to facilitate easy and convenient replacement of the product, as well as additional installations and maintenance.
Sequential Operation of Compressor
When the outdoor unit is not operating at full capacity,
the compressor will start up the operation in
sequence to prevent one particular compressor
from overworking. This sequential operation for
compressors will prolong the life of the compressor
and ensure the reliability of performance.
Decreased CO2 Emission
The DVM PLUS IV is a highly efficient product that uses advanced eco-friendly technology to
reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

● CO2 emission level: Data based on 0.42kg/kWh
● Time period: 5 months (Nov ~ Mar, 3,600 hours)
● Data based on 18HP model heating

R410a Refrigerant
The DVM PLUS IV uses a compressor that is optimized with eco-friendly R410a refrigerant, which has a “0” ODP value,
to minimize environmental pollution. This also improves eco-friendly refrigerant operation efficiency and performance.
Europe Eco-friendly RoHS
Technology Certification

Samsung minimizes the use of toxic substances such as mercury, lead, and cadmium, attaining RoHS certification
with its excellent eco-friendly technology.

RoHS (Restriction Of Hazardous

RoHS sets eco-friendly regulations
that ban the use of toxic substances,
such as mercury, lead, and cadmium,
that are obstacles in electronic recycling.

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